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And, it turns out McQueary did more than he was credited for when the story broke last fall. At the time he was portrayed as someone too timid or too unconcerned to do the right thing and properly report the crime.

Graham Spanier, Penn State's now fired president, claimed to a grand jury he wasn't given specific enough information about the incident to act. And Tim Curley, the athletic director, and Gary Schultz, the school vice president who oversaw the police department, expressed confusion over whether McQueary fully explained what he saw.

If Monday's report by NBC about the email exchange is accurate (a story Penn State has not refuted), then those are lies. McQueary was clear enough that the men took the allegation very seriously. They even conducted legal research into the potential case before concluding that they'd rather play nice with Sandusky.

[Related: Neighbors of jurors in Sandusky trial don't support him, want justice]

Curley and Schultz already are charged with failing to report a crime and perjury. The attorney general has said Spanier could still be charged.

If those men committed crimes, then McQueary's reputation is one of the victims.

Had they lived up to their legal and moral responsibilities and pursued Sandusky based on McQueary's allegation, then he'd have been a hero, this would have ended long ago and the parade of witnesses rolling into this courthouse to tearfully describe Sandusky molesting them as 11, 12 and 13 year-olds would be shorter or non-existent.

McQueary arrived at the court in a minivan driven by someone from the prosecutor's office. He was dressed sharply in a dark suit with a blue shirt and white collar and silver tie. He was accompanied by his wife and approached the witness stand with the intensity that made him a Penn State starting quarterback and high-level college assistant.

At one point, in the middle of McQueary's testimony, Judge John Cleland declared a 20-minute recess. The courtroom mostly cleared, but McQueary stayed in the witness box, holding the same posture, staring straight ahead, waiting intensely for his long-awaited chance to again speak.

McQueary is a key witness for the prosecution because it's almost impossible to believe he could have completely made up his allegation in 2001 only to have similar behavior later alleged against Sandusky by eight boys who are now grown men.

There was nothing to gain back then. He'd been watching the movie "Rudy" at home that Friday night, got fired up by the storyline and decided to head back to the football facility to watch some recruiting tapes. That's when he surprised Sandusky.

His testimony Tuesday was forceful, direct and clear. He talked like a coach, offering specifics, and stood strong against a mostly inane cross-examination by defense attorney Karl Rominger.

The defense essentially conceded Sandusky was in that shower, making physical contact with the boy. Rominger instead parsed words over the slightest variances in McQueary's story, obsessed over a reasonable initial misremembering of the date and harped on pointless details like whether he actually saw anal penetration or just Sandusky rubbing his naked front up against the naked back of a boy.

"Absent seeing a penis, yes, I think they were having sex," McQueary said.

McQueary appeared to be a boon to the prosecution, but he made sure to mix in his own defense.

Was he clear with Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, with whom he met the morning after the incident at Paterno's home?

"I made sure he knew it was sexual and it was wrong," McQueary said. "I did not go into gross detail of the act … I didn't feel comfortable using (certain) terms. I didn't explain those details or use those terms when talking to (Paterno) out of respect and out of my own embarrassment, quite frankly."

It was enough for Paterno to inform Curley, who more than a week later summoned McQueary to a conference room at the Bryce Jordan Center, where Curley and Schultz awaited. Schultz, McQueary said, qualified as him going to the police because Schultz oversaw the police.

"In my mind, Mr. Schultz represented the police, without a doubt," McQueary said. "I thought he was very much like a district attorney for the university."

Judging by the charges against Curley and Schultz, no less than the attorney general believes

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